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With the new level 3 regulations, please take note of the following in order to protect yourself and us in this time. If anything is unclear or you have any further questions, please feel free to ask us - we are here to help!

what are the do's and dont's when coming to an appointment?

1. Please come alone to your appointment except in the case of a minor, where one adult can accompany the minor.

We are always happy to see the family when you bring them along to your appointment but we kindly ask that during this time, you will come to your appointment alone. If your child needs to come, they can be accompanied by one adult. We do however look forward to seeing the whole family again after this period!

2. Kindly wait in your car if you are early for your appointment to decrease the amount of people in the practice.

3. Please wear your awesome cloth facemask as instructed by our President until you are in the surgery.

4. If you are feeling sick (even if it is a bad case of the flu), please let us know or reschedule your appointment and we will be happy to see you again once you feel better! 5. Please fill in your COVID-19 questionnaire that will be sent to you via Whatsapp. It only takes a few minutes and ensures that we all protect each other as far as possible.

6. We will have sufficient amounts of sanitiser and handwashing opportunities available, please make use of it as often as you wish.

7. Please be understanding when we take your temperature and ask you COVID-related questions as we are trying to protect you, your family, all our patients and ourselves so that we can keep making you smile!!

what can I do at home to take care of my teeth during this time?

We know that you love brushing, flossing and rinsing so we will just remind you again for in case you have forgotten.  Remember to not only Netflix and snack but also brush before bedtime as well as in the morning after breakfast. Floss after movie snacking every night and finish it off by rinsing. Try to decrease your sugar intake and rather replace it with some yummy veggies and fruit.

what if I am unsure whether I can come in or not?

You are ALWAYS welcome to pop us a message, email or give us a call if you are unsure about anything! We will assist in any way possible to make sure that your oral health is in tip top shape.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you and assist you however possible.

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