We believe that dental care should start at a young age. At our practice, we like to share our caring expertise to our extended families across a variety of schools. Have a look below to see just a snipbit of our outings.


deutsche schule of pretoria


The Deutsche Schule of Pretoria was the first school that we visited in 2016. Like always, the children were a little nervous because the "Dentist" was coming to visit. They soon realised that we were just going to talk to them about looking after their teeth. After giving our talk and demonstration, the children were allowed to practise what they were taught on our models.

our trip

woodhill college


our trip

We visited Woodhill College on the 2 August. This was by far our biggest school to date seeing a total of 312 children.

A fun time was definitely had by all. Once again, the Family Dentist wishes all the kids the best of luck for their bright futures, and always remember to keep up their great dental hygiene. 



pretoria chinese school


Pretoria Chinese School, situated in Wingate Park, Pretoria, had a total of 122 children participating in our free dental screening campaign. We gave all the kiddies a gift bag comprising a toothbrush, toothpaste, a certificate and other little goodies. Good luck with your futures and always rememeber to keep up the good detal hygiene you were taught to ensure you take bright amazing smiles into your first job interviews!

our trip

Star College


our trip

Star College is always most welcoming of us every time we visit. This year was officially the fourth year that we saw the kiddies. As always, much fun and learning was had by all. 

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