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Despite what some people may say, visiting the dentist is not so bad. At our practice, we aim to give you the best care with everything we do, so that we can gently maintain your pearly whites.


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prosthodontics | orthodontics

Full upper and lower acrylic dentures  |  Chrome cobalt partial dentures  |  Valplast partial dentures  |  Orthodontic assessments  |  Upper and lower removable appliances

pediatric dentistry

Full oral examination  |  Composite (white) fillings  |  Fissure sealants  |  Pulpotomies and pulpectomies  |  Treatment under general anaesthetic and conscious sedation if a child needs extensive dental work

restorative dentistry

Composite fillings  |  Crowns & Bridges (Zirconia or E-max)  |  Implant supported crowns & bridges  |  

Root Canal treatment  |  Removal of amalgam/mercury fillings

oral surgery

Tooth extraction  |  Implant placement  |  Surgical extraction, including wisdom teeth

preventative dentistry

Full oral examination  |  Fissure sealants  |  Scaling and polishing of teeth  |  Oral hygiene instructions  |  

We are the biggest sellers of Curaprox toothbrushes in Pretoria

periodontal treatment

Periodontal screening and charting  |  Teeth scaling and polishing  |  Oral Hygiene instruction

cosmetic dentistry

Teeth whitening – opalescence  |  Composite and Ceramic veneers  |  Cosmetic recontouring

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our Faerie Glen branch

T:          012 991 7616 | 072 219 9435   


our Wilgers branch

T:          012 807 0360   


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