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Our team would like to welcome you to our family practice. We are a team of super passionate people who enjoy what we do. Scroll down to get to know us a little better.

get to know us a little better

get to know us a little better

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Dr. Gabriel Pereira

In 2004, Dr Gabriel Pereira graduated at the University of the Witwatersrand and received the Prossa Prize for Clinical Removable Prosthodontics. In July 2011 he moved to Pretoria & opened The Family Dentist.

Dr. Quinton Rancati

Quinton graduated from University of Pretoria in 2019, in the Top 10 of his class. He completed his Post graduate Diploma in Oral Surgery in 2021.
Quinton enjoys being a general dentist and has a passion to make his patients smile during every visit. His interests include cooking, going on hikes and spending time with his family.

Weroescha Muller

Weroeshca is our full time dental assistant. She is passionate about working with people & is the most spontaneous member of our practice. She is a barefoot child, having grown up in the bushveld & is a total sucker when it comes to animals.

Dr. Janika Laubscher

Janika graduated from Tuks in the top 10 of her class. She has a passion for paediatric & aesthetic dentistry, with a focus on Botox TM. She loves people and focusses on your wellbeing in every appointment. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, learning new hobbies & spending time with loved ones. 

Alisa Niemand

Alisa is our qualified dental assistant & also sometimes helps out a little at reception.
She loves the outdoors & will braai at every opportunity she gets. She loves caring for animals & enjoys spending time with her family.
Other fond pastimes include fixing things, dabbling in DIY, fishing, hiking & baking.

Arie Van Heerden

Although Arie is a native Pretorian, his passion is diving (he is nogal a Navy Deep Sea Diver for SANDF - how awesome is that). Having just moved back, from Cape Town, he enjoys 'diving-into' challenges at The Family Dentist. His goal is to grow with the team and further develop some of his own personal goals.

Dr. Liezl Dawson

Liezl is a maxillofacial & oral surgery fanatic. A graduate of the University of Pretoria, she completed her dental degree Cum Laude. During her community service year in Grabouw she completed her Post-graduate diploma & is currently completing her masters degree in oral surgery. Besides dentistry, Liezl enjoys time outdoors with loved ones & her Goldies.

Marizané Nel

Marizané completed her BA in Hospitality Management & her Honours in Business Management. She values quality time spent with loved ones, reading & jamming to music in her car. When she's not keeping track of a million-and-one tasks at work, she's off winning quiz nights with her friends or re-watching series an embarrassing number of times.

Our story

Our company started in June 2011 by Dr. Gabriel Pereira, our family dentist. Coming from the largest privately owned dental practice in South Africa, Dr. Pereira was set on doing things a little differently. No longer would you, our patient, be just a surname on our list, but rather a new member of our greater family.


“Taking the Time to Care” is something that we take very seriously at our practice. We strive to treat the young and the young at heart with the care and patience that they deserve. Overcoming your fears and anxieties can be done in a calm and pleasant manner. We, at The Family Dentist, look forward to welcoming you to be part of our growing family.

our story

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