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we are celebrating 10 years!

In celebration of our 10th birthday on 1 June 2021, we have some exciting giveaways and would love to make you a part of it!

Every week we will have a different giveaway for the whole of June because we just love to spoil you like that!

week 1:

In the first week of our birthday, we are spoiling every single patient that visits pone of our practices with a very special little tooth floss keychain. Yes, that's right - a keychain with a little tooth floss holder that you can take with you to your favourite restaurant cause we know just how much you hate that piece of steak getting stuck between your teeth or that stubborn piece of spinach getting stuck on your front tooth on your first date.

So make that appointment and get yours today!

week 2:

This is a BIG one - this week you stand the chance of winning an Oral B electric toothbrush!

They are the best in the biz and really make those pearly whites of yours shine like a diamond. 

If you come in for your appointment during this week, you can fill in an entry paper and that will be added to the draw which will happen at the end of the week. So don't worry if you did not get your week 1 prize cause you can still win some amazing things - book now to avoid dissapointment!

week 3:

If you have been wanting to get your teeth whitened but  something just always got in the way, this is your chance!

Book an appointment for week 3 and enter our lucky draw to stand a chance to win your own at-home-teeth-whitening-kit. Yes all you lovely red wine drinkers - we see you - this one is for you!

week 4:

The last week is for all the ladies (and gentleman, we know you love this too!), we are giving out a SPA voucher as our final prize.

So ladies, treat yourself to a lovely spa voucher. Gents, if you missed out on Valentine's day, this is your chance to make it up big time - come and win a spa voucher for the special person in your life!

We are looking forward to see you and to spoil you rotten... well maybe not rotten as we want your teeth beautiful and healthy but you get what we're saying!

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